The Heel Pain Clinic at Eastern Foot Care has successfully treated thousands of patients with a wide range of painful heel conditions - Achilles pain, severs, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs. An evidence based practice, this one stop heel pain solution clinic uses real time Ultrasound onsite to better visualise your injury for diagnosis to evaluate customised treatment plans according to your needs. Where necessary, the clinic will provide an advance approach to treatment including therapeutic ultrasound, prolotherapy, shockwave therapy, physical therapy, dry needling and many other modalities to fix heel pain.

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Our team of podiatrists at Heel Pain Clinic will tend to any problems with your feet and ankle.


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Heel Pain Treatment


Treatment involves regular stretching. The aim is to stretch the fascia and keep it stretched to allow it to heal to its natural length.


Specially designed heel pads provide cushioning in the shoe to protect the heel. Custom made orthoses (insoles) can also be used to decrease strain on the plantar fascia.

Other Therapies

When the heel does not respond to simple methods of treatment, other approaches may be used such as therapeutic ultrasound, prolotherapy, shockwave therapy and dry needling.


Surgery is not used as first line treatment but may be warranted in select cases.